API authentication

To access our APIs you must first be registered as a Partner. For information on how to register, become a partner and offer installment payments, consult the dedicated pages on our website. If you haven’t signed up as a partner yet, you can still give it a try or start integrating, using our sandbox.

Stores and credentials

Each partner can have one or more shops (or shops).
A first store could be your e-commerce, a second could represent your physical store, a third would represent another brand under your management and so on.
Each shop is assigned an identifier (called shopId ), which will uniquely distinguish it, and an Aauthentication token (called X-Auth-Token ).

This pair of values form the necessary credentials to be inserted in the request header to be authorized to make calls to Soisy.
When you have finished your trials, and after registering as a partner, contact our dedicated partner support at [ or your sales representative ] to request your production credentials.
Are you looking for credentials to make calls in our sandbox environment? Read the dedicated page, you will find everything you need.

Production host

The API host is as follows:



And the endpoints will, in general, be in the format:



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