API - integration flow

Integration via API is a solution that allows flexibility and customization , with total freedom of configuration according to the needs of the business.

How the API integration model works

The Soisy installment payment request flow is divided into 4 steps, of which the first two can be integrated via API, while for the last one it is mandatory to redirect our webapp .

In the JSON response, which you will receive at the last call of each of these steps, there will be a field called redirectUrl containing the complete URL to redirect the user to. You don’t have to worry about building it or analyzing it: we generate it and you only think about the redirect.

Here are the 4 steps:

  1. [API]Creation of an order : it is the simplest integration and it is the one used by the prevalence of our partners . Made this single call, the API redirects to the URL that we communicate in response to the call; and the rest will be done by the end customer directly in our funnel.
  2. [API]Request for installment payment and approval of payment is the most complex integration and consists of two calls (for a total of three calls, if we also consider the call to create the order made in step 1). This step allows the merchant a more advanced integration, keeping the end customer in their funnel until the evaluation (approval or rejection) of the installment payment.
  3. Upload of personal documents : at this point the redirect to our flow becomes mandatory for the conclusion of the installment payment (upload documents and KYC – Verification Service process).
  4. [Webapp Soisy] Digital signature

We always advise our partners to start with the simplest integration (step 1) and then integrate iterate and possibly proceed to step 2, after validating Soisy as a payment method.
This saves time and money by minimizing resources in the beginning:
You decide how much effort to dedicate to the initial development by integrating up to the step you want
You can offer your customers an experience similar to paying with PayPal: buy on your e-commerce and then complete the purchase on Soisy
Offer a more transparent shopping experience for your brand, giving immediate feedback on the approval of the installment payment and, in case of refusal, present the customer with another payment method to prevent them from ever leaving your e-commerce or app.

In the following video you can see the entire Soisy request flow from our webapp:
In short, what are you waiting for to put your hand to the code?
Before getting started, look at our Coding Conventions and how to get Authentication for project rollout.


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