API - recover all orders

This endpoint allows you to retrieve the information of all your orders.

					Sandbox: https://api.sandbox.soisy.it/api/shops/{shopId}/orders
Produzione: https://api.soisy.it/api/shops/{shopId}/orders

					Accept: text/csv

Orders are shown in CSV format only. This API requires authentication via shopId and header X-Auth-Token. You can use the following optional GET parameters directly in the URL.
fromCreatedAtNoStringyyyy-mm-ddFilters the results from the specified day of order creation onwards
fromDisbursedAt NoStringyyyy-mm-ddFilters the results from the specified order settlement day onwards. NOTE: This filter ignores the filter valuestatus if present.
statusNoStringIt can be one of the following values: quote, request_received, request_accepted,waiting_for_verification, waiting_for_disbursement, disbursed, cancelled.Filter the results by type of order status
The API returns an object in CSV format with the following structure:
soisyOrderReference StringUnique token to identify the order
orderReferenceStringOrder reference code or other reference
firstNameStringName of the applicant
lastNameStringSurname of the applicant
loanNetAmountFloatAmount that you will see credited to your account for this order, in case of successful payment. In €
loanAmountFloatTotal order, in €
zeroInterestRateBooleanIndicates whether the zero rate option is active for this order
feeForDisbursementFloat or nullAmount indicating the commission incurred by the partner for the payment of the order. This value is populated only after being charged.
statusStringOrder status.
requestedAtStringOrder creation date
disbursedAtStringDate the order was funded and the order passed to the state Finanziato
instalmentsEntireNumber of installments of the installment payment
200Request completed successfully
400Invalid HTTP Accept header
404Resource not found
500System error
The JSON object returned in the event of an error varies depending on the HTTP response code. The sent request contains invalid credentials. Check the shopId and header X-Auth-Token. Find more info on credentials in the authentication paragraph.
     "errors": "Authentication Failed"

Responses with this HTTP code indicate that the resource was not found.

     "errors": "No orders found"

Responses with this HTTP code indicate that a system error has occurred.

     "errors": {errorMessage}


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