API - retrieve a single order

This endpoint allows you to retrieve the information of a previously created order.

					Sandbox: https://api.sandbox.soisy.it/api/shops/{shopId}/orders/{token}
Produzione: https://api.soisy.it/api/shops/{shopId}/orders/{token}

Accepted methods



This API requires authentication viashopId and headerX-Auth-Token .

To access this endpoint, you must have successfully completed creating an order.

The API returns a JSON object.

200Request completed successfully
404Resource not found
500System error
     "shopOrderId": <stringa>,
     "token": <stringa>,
     "shopId": <stringa>,
     "firstname": <stringa>,
     "lastname": <stringa>,
     "fiscalCode": <stringa>,
     "vatId": <stringa>,
     "vatCountry": <stringa>,
     "email": <stringa>,
     "mobilePhone": <stringa>,
     "address": [
         "city": <stringa>,
         "province": <stringa>,
         "address": <stringa>,
         "civicNumber": <stringa>,
         "postalCode": <stringa>
     "loanFinality": <stringa>,
     "instalmentsNumber": <intero>,
     "loanAmount": <intero>,
     "loanNetAmount": <intero>,
     "status": <stringa>,
     "zeroInterestRate": <stringa>,
     "errorUrl": <stringa>,
     "successUrl": <stringa>,
     "orderReference": <stringa>,
     "createdAt": <stringa>,
     "updatedAt": <stringa>,
     "loanDisbursedAt": <stringa>,
     "loanVerifiedAt": <stringa>,
     "loanSignedAt": <stringa>
Where :
shopOrderIdStringAsset ID in the Soisy platform
tokenStringUnique token to identify the order
shopIdStringId of the sales channel from which the order came
loanFinalityStringPurpose of the payment
instalmentsNumberEntireNumber of installments
loanAmountEntireTotal order, in € cents
loanNetAmountEntireAmount that you will see credited to your account for this order, in case of successful payment. In € cents
statusStringOrder status.
zeroInterestRateBooleanIndicates whether the zero rate option is active for this order
successUrlStringURL on your site, to which to redirect the user in case of success
errorUrlStringURL on your site, to which to redirect the user in case of error or abandonment of the user
callbackUrlStringURL of your server for automated callback calls. See further on this page
orderReferenceStringOrder reference code or other reference
createdAtStringOrder creation date
updatedAtStringDate of the last modification of the order
loanDisbursedAtStringDate the order was funded and the order passed to the state Finanziato
loanVerifiedAtStringDate the documents were accepted and the order passed to the state Richiesta approvata
loan Yes gnedAtStringDate the user signed the contract and the order went into status In attesa di firma
The JSON object returned in the event of an error varies depending on the HTTP response code. The sent request contains invalid credentials. Check the shopId and header X-Auth-Token. Find more info on credentials in the authentication paragraph.
     "errors": "Authentication Failed"

Responses with this HTTP code indicate that the resource was not found.

     "errors": "Order not found"

Responses with this HTTP code indicate that a system error has occurred.

     "errors": {errorMessage}


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