API - order

The “Order” integration step allows you to create or retrieve an order resource on Soisy that corresponds to an order placed on your e-commerce platform. You will need to change your platform’s checkout screen, showing Soisy as a new payment method:

  1. When a user chooses the Soisy payment method, all you have to do is: communicate the order data to us;
  2. Redirect the user to our webapp or continue with the integration

For the first step just call the API Create an Order , providing us with some order data (order total, number of installments, email address, …). This API call will return you a token, which will uniquely identify the order within our platform, and which you will need to store on your platform.

Redirect the user to our webapp.

At this point you can redirect the user to our webapp, using the following URL:

					Sandbox: http://shop.sandbox.soisy.it/{shopId}#/loan-request?token={token}
Produzione: https://shop.soisy.it/{shopId}#/loan-request?token={token}

or you can, more simply, use the returnUrl parameter that was returned to you in the call to create an order along with the token .

Our webapp will recognize the token provided and will show your customer some customized screens to collect all the data necessary for the request. In the following video you can see the entire Soisy request flow from our webapp:
From this point on, the user will continue on our webapp. The customer will have to confirm the data you have provided us, while he will have to enter from scratch Other data. The completion of the order on our webapp takes on average 3 minutes.

To learn more about the redirect topic, you can go to the page dedicated to the integration flow via AP I.

You will be notified by some emails and, if you wish, by some callback calls as the user proceeds with the request. Find all information about callbacks in the dedicated page. You will also find all orders created via API also in your Partner Dashboard.


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