API - create request

Create a payment request on the Soisy platform.

					Sandbox: https://api.sandbox.soisy.it/api/shops/{shopId}/requests
Produzione: https://api.soisy.it/api/shops/{shopId}/requests
This API requires authentication via shopId and header X-Auth-Token. To access this endpoint, you must have successfully completed creating an order.
amountYesEntireTotal to be requested, in € cents
instalmentsYupEntireNumber of installments, from 3 to 60
privacyYesBooleanUser approval of the privacy policy
marketingNoBooleanApproval of the marketing policy by the user
fiscal CodeYesString16 charactersTax ID code
jobDescriptionYesStringJob type. Allowed values: student, retired, unemployed, inheritance, entrepreneur, self_employed, seasonal_worker,freelance_professional ,employee_open_ended_contract ,employee_fixed_term_contract .
actualJobEndingDateNo*StringMM / YYYYEnd of work date. Required if jobDescription is employee_fixed_term_contract
vatIdNo*String11 charactersVAT number. Mandatory if jobDescription is entrepreneur
vatCountryNo*String2 uppercase charactersVAT number country. Required if jobDescription is entrepreneur
zeroInterestRateNoBooleanEnable zero rate. (#) If omitted, the Sales Channel setting will be used.
(*) This parameter may be mandatory in certain situations. See the description column corresponding to the item. (#) The zero rate is an option that allows you to not charge interest to your customers. Find more information on our FAQs . To activate this feature, please contact our dedicated partner support at partner@soisy.it . The API returns a JSON object.
201Resource created
400Syntax or domain error
403Failed to authenticate the request
404Resource not found
500System error
The API returns a JSON object containing the data from the newly created request. The returned parameters are:
     "apr": <float>,
     "fiscalCode": <stringa>,
     "totalRepayment": <intero>,
     "instalmentAmount": <intero>,
     "zeroInterestRate": <booleano>
     "additionalDataNeeded": <booleano>
Where :
aprEntireAPR, in € cents
fiscal CodeStringTax ID code
totalRepaymentEntireTotal to be repaid, in € cents
instalmentAmountEntireinstallment to be paid, in € cents
zeroInterestRateBooleanIndicates if the zero rate is active
additionalDataNeeded BooleanIndicates whether additional information is required in calls toRichiesta approvazione And Invio documenti
The JSON object returned in the event of an error varies depending on the HTTP response code. Responses with this HTTP code indicate a client-side error. The submitted request contained a formally incorrect parameter.
     "errors": {
         {parametro}: [
Possible errors are listed below:
amountThis value should be between 5000 and 1500000
privacyThis value should be equal to “true”.
jobDescriptionThis value should not be empty
actualJobEndingDate Invalid date format. The correct format is as follows: MM / YYYY
vatIdThe VAT number must be a string
The country code of the VAT number must be a string
The country code of the VAT number is not valid
The VAT number is not valid for the country
fiscal CodeInvalid tax code
instalmentsThe number of installments must be between 3 and 60
The sent request contains invalid credentials. Check the shopId and headerX-Auth-Token . Find more info on credentials in the authentication paragraph.
     "errors": "Authentication Failed"

The submitted request could not be completed. More information is contained in the error message.

     "errors": "messaggio"

Responses with this HTTP code indicate that a system error has occurred.

    "errors": "System error"


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