OTP request PSD2

OTP request

Use this endpoint to request a One time password (OTP) that you can use to confirm the direct transfer.

					Sandbox: https://api.sandbox.soisy.it/api/users/{identifier}/otp
Produzione: https://api.soisy.it/api/users/{identifier}/otp

This API requires header authenticationX-Auth-Token .

identifierYesStringTax code or email

Below is an example of a request:

					    curl 'https://api.sandbox.soisy.it/api/users/FRNRCR80S22E399A/otp' -H 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8' --data-binary '{}'


The API returns a JSON object.

200Request completed successfully
404Resource not found
500System error

No message.

The JSON object returned in the event of an error varies depending on the HTTP response code.

Responses with this HTTP code indicate that the resource was not found.

     "errors": {errorMessage}

Responses with this HTTP code indicate that a system error has occurred.

     "errors": {errorMessage}


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