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Thank you for your interest in Soisy, the Buy Now Pay Later installment payment method for your e-commerce that offers your customers a deferred payment, from 3 installments upwards .

Yes is a flexible and intuitive solution, even for the online buyer: when your customer is in the product sheet or has confirmed the cart and has to choose the payment method, he will find the Soisy option to request the extension, from 3 installments up to a maximum of 36, of the total of your cart.

If you are wondering how our payment tool works , you are in the right place: you can browse the two areas below depending on whether you are in marketing or you are a developer and you are in charge of integration and development.

pc soisy

MARKETING , with best practices and promotional content to use on your e-commerce site to maximize sales

blocco soisy

DEVELOPER , with the documentation of the plugins and integration via API to integrate the installment payment in a short time


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